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90 Day Income Plan Recap

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Michelle Whitehead

“Laurie is very supportive and down to earth. Even when things don’t go to plan, life gets complicated, and everything feels chaotic, she shows you that you can still build financial stability by taking baby steps, and before too long, those baby steps have carried you into financial freedom!”

Michelle Whitehead – Lawyer – michellewhitehead.com.au

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Day 1 – Ideal Personal Wage


“I am happy to admit it, I am a Laurie Griggs fan! Having worked through her money course I am forever in her non money debt.  I have a cash buffer in the bank, I feel confident with my savings and the money stories have shifted. I don’t recommend people lightly: Laurie Griggs will help you clear your debt and start saving while you have an unpredictable income. Follow her system and change your life.”

Trudi Pavlovsky – This Chick Means Business

Day 2 – Business Operating Expenses

Tash Corbin

“I have brought in more consistent money in the week since my first session with Laurie than I have all year. My energy is different. My confidence is different… Our plan from Laurie is so good. SO GOOD. I cannot recommend it enough.”

Tash Corbin – Business Strategist – tashcorbin.com

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Day 3 – Annual Goal

“I’ve been working with Laurie for a few months now and in that time she has gently, yet persistently pointed me again and again, to a greater awareness of my own behaviour around money. In my opinion a financial coach can genuinely help us in two ways; by teaching us about the numbers and percentages that make up our personal and business life, and by pointing out where we are getting in our own way. Laurie does both.

And whilst one can gain the former (improved financial literacy) through reading any number of books, the latter can only be gained through the honest reflection of another human who can see you, and cares enough to tell you where you’re messing things up, and… how to do it better. I’m grateful to have Laurie in my corner, as my teacher and truth teller.”

Caroline Southwell – Creator of the ‘My Life, My Way’ Method

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Day 4 – Time vs Value

Laura Dick

“I really loved Laurie’s gentle butt kicking approach to getting us to own our money situation.

She stepped us through it piece by piece to understand where we are now and where we want to be. Then she gave us the practical tools and techniques to actually make it happen. It was applicable to both business and personal finances. I still work part time and this has been great for me to get ready for full time self employment.”

Laura Dick – Systems Consultant – laurainorder.com

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Day 5 – The Plan

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Mel Evans

“We just want to say a big thank you for assisting us with our new budget for both ourselves personally and also the business.  We’ve never had a personal budget and always just transferred drawings from the business as needed.  Having a budget in place and moving to a system where we put ourselves FIRST and paying ourselves a set wage each week has proven extremely beneficial and eased the stress of finances.

For 10 years we have just accepted we only got what was left over after all the bills were paid.  We now have a simple, user-friendly system in place thanks to you that shows us where all our money is allocated and we even have an account for future investments now in place!”

Mel Evans – Health Coach – facebook.com/theinspiredhealthhub

“I have wanted to have a session with Laurie for ages but had been avoiding looking at my numbers because it all seemed very daunting.  My only regret is waiting so long!  Laurie made the process simple and easy and it wasn’t scary at all!  Now I am excited to be moving forward and to have some clear and achievable goals to work towards!

I highly recommend her and if you are like me and putting it off, then please stop waiting and let Laurie help you to help yourself x”

Susanne Culberg – healthwithoutshame.com

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